Sheep Producers Australia announces new Chief Executive Officer

Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Stephen Crisp as the Chief Executive Officer. Mr Crisp brings over 30 years of experience working across the agricultural supply chain and will provide the leadership the sheep industry needs to ensure a productive, profitable and sustainable future.

“Stephen’s knowledge of the industry and extensive background in the broader red meat sector is an asset to SPA. Stephen and his team are well placed to continue to advocate for the reduction of red tape and regulatory burden, whilst ensuring that we have the correct measures in place to continue producing a safe, sustainable, reliable and high quality product that enables access to as many markets as possible for our members.” says Chris Mirams SPA Chair.

“I have worked for many years with processors, both in plant and export logistics. As long as there is competition throughout the supply chain, it will always be better for our producers and the rest of the supply chain to work closely together. That way you get exactly the right information on what the best sheep is for the markets needs.” says Stephen Crisp SPA CEO.

“Australia is the country of the each-way bet, and dual purpose is what makes sheep the best livestock to run in many regions, it does not really matter if a sheep is raised primarily for meat or wool. We must continue to work closely with the wool industry for the benefit of animal welfare and bio-security.”

“Having come from a family that has always run sheep I am looking forward to making a difference in an industry I am already invested in. The SPA Board has a great deal of knowledge and expertise, and I look forward to working with them as we navigate the many challenges and opportunities the sheep industry faces.” says Mr Crisp.

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