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March 30, 2021


LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS – Applications Currently Open!

Training and professional development through SPA’s Leadership Programs enables participants to understand pathways into leadership roles within SPA and the wider industry. From quick tips and tools to year-long programs, get ready to uncover the resources best suited to take your leadership to the next level.

SPA wants to champion leaders in the industry and upskill them to take on greater roles in the future.
The key areas of focus for SPA’s leadership programs are:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Policy development
  • Advocating for industry
  • Good governance


The SPA Leadersheep Program is sponsoring a range of opportunities for training and development!

We encourage you to apply to further your skills in your areas of interest.

The following programs are on offer this year with SPA scholarships.


Livestock Leaders – Influence and Advocacy – The Livestock Collective

  • Create content to share your red meat story
  • Engage and speak to the media confidently
  • Promote and defend the red meat and livestock industry
  • Build your brand on social media
  • Thrive in difficult conversations – from the dinner table to social media
  • Scholarship valued at $2000
  • Find out more at http://livestockleaders.com.au. Course run by the Livestock Collective.

Date Options:


Livestock Leaders – Expressions of Interest Now Open

Livestock Leaders

  • How to share your story using values based communications
  • Different communication styles
  • How to build your own brand on social media
  • Media Interview and presentation skills
  • How to engage & speak to the media
  • Case studies

Key learnings

  • How to create content to share your red meat story
  • How to engage and speak to media to confidently promote & defend the red meat & livestock industry’s credentials
  • How to build your brand on social media
  • How to have difficult conversations – from the dinner table to social media

What we are looking for

  • People living and working in the red meat industry including station hands, farm workers, truck drivers, vets, business owners, feedlot workers, stock agents, live export stockpersons
  • People who are comfortable being in the media
  • People who have a great story to tell and want to tell that story
  • Active on at least one social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)
  • Willing to be an active participant in our 12 month program


Governance Essentials – Your first step to the boardroom

Examine the fundamental roles and responsibilities that contribute to good governance.

  • Key duties and responsibilities of the board and directors
  • Explain how the board fulfils its primary functions
  • Review board meeting protocols and procedures
  • Realise the importance of key performance measures
  • Scholarship valued at $570.
  • Course Information delivered by Australian Institute of Company Directors

Date Options:

  • 2  Online Sessions: Wednesday evenings: 19 May & 2 June, plus 1-2 hours per week for 4 weeks.

Governance Essentials – Expressions of Interest Now Open


Coming Soon – Advanced Negotiation Skills 

The Advancing Negotiation Skills course is the ultimate in negotiation skills development.

It provides participants with the core skills they need to negotiate confidently in a professional, ethical and competent manner.

SPA Program proposed for May.


The following industry programs and opportunities are also available.


Get involved with Leading Sheep – Queensland

Leading Sheep is chasing new members for their Producer Advisory Panel! This is a chance to meet with other forward-thinking industry leaders from right Queensland, gain access to the latest sheep and wool industry findings and get out of your paddock for a moment to see what interesting things are happening.

Find out more and submit your expression of interest.



AIM – Regional Australians Scholarship

AIM Business School Regional Australians Scholarship enables regionally based leaders and managers develops business capabilities through the MBA+ program.

Successful applicants will have the tuition fees waived for two units of study from the MBA+ program, worth a total of $5,400.

The scholarship funding applies to the final unit of the applicant’s Graduate Certificate and their first elective unit in the MBA.

Scholarship applications now open


AgriFutures – Up to $20,000 for producer groups to boost on-farm technology adoption

Want to take technology on-farm to the next level but don’t know how? The Producer Technology Uptake Program provides producers with a practical pathway to evaluate the role and value of new technology in their farming operations. Applications now open – until 22 April 2021.


NFF Regional Forums

The National Farmers Federation (NFF) is partnering with State Farming Organisations to hold regional forums in each state. These forums are a great opportunity to keep leadership participants engage in the broader agriculture representative network. As such, we’d like to extend an invitation to anyone from in the leadership program who may be close to each of the forum locations.

The locations and dates for the forums are:

NT: 20 May – Darwin with NT Farmers

NSW: 27 May – Moree with NSW Farmers

QLD: 1 June – Ayr with AgForce

QLD: 3 June – Roma with AgForce

SA: 8 June – Barossa Valley with PPSA

TAS: 11 June – Launceston with TFGA

WA: 24 June – Northam with WA Farmers

VIC: Shepparton still to be confirmed with VFF

NFF Regional Forums – Expressions of Interest Now Open 


WPA ‘Raising the Baa’ Leadership in Agriculture Programs

  1. Australian Institute of Company Directors Course (AICD) 

The AICD Company Directors Course is a globally recognised qualification which provides participants with a thorough understanding of corporate governance.

2. WoolProducers Youth Ambassador

Provides a young person (18-35)the opportunity to join the WoolProducers Board as an observer for a 12-month period.
This program aims at providing exposure and experience to young people who have an interest in industry policy development and agri-politics in general.

Nominations close on 19 April, 2021. Further information here.


If you have questions about any of the opportunities, please contact: [email protected]


By joining the Leadersheep Network, you can build your skills from wherever you are*.

There are a range of online short courses to ensure those in the network can continue to learn and develop their skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Governance and more!

Some courses will be specifically made or recorded for the sheep or agricultural industry, others will be links to generic programs with value and relevance to the industry.

As the program expands, you will be able to evaluate your skills, identify areas for growth and discover new ways to develop your interests further.

*SPA understands the challenges of internet connection in parts of Australia and will endeavor to make information available for download and access offline.


LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS – not currently open


National Agricultural Leadership Program 2021

 The National Agricultural Leadership Program is a 9 month leadership and capability development program for Australian agriculture. It leverages the NFF’s position as the peak body for Australian agriculture to provide targeted activities and unique experiences in policy development, advocacy, governance, and communications and media.

With a national, whole-of-agriculture perspective, it will provide key skills and experience to create effective advocates for the sector. The program consists of several components. Each component improves participants ability to influence policy and decisions facing Australian agriculture.

The program components include:

  1. Policy and Thought Leadership Project – April to early August
  2. Emerging Leaders’ Summit – 23-25 August
  3. Agricultural Leaders Mentoring Program – 1 Sep to 31 Dec & beyond

 Scholarships Valued at over $5000.

2021 Program Details available here.

Expressions of Interest are now closed for places supported by SPA and NFF

Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program

This mentoring program is designed for aspiring female leaders, 25 years and over, with a passion for agriculture, organised by the National Farmers Federation.

The Program matches successful applicants with a mentor and the mentorship runs from May 2021 to October 2021. With their mentor, each mentee establishes leadership goals, outlines steps to achieving these goals and puts, in place steps to measure progress towards these goals.

Scholarship applications now closed

Governance in Action training
The Governance in Action workshop increases understanding of national industry advocacy, engaging with government, political representation and leadership.

The two-day workshop provides an introduction into the operations of SPA and the broader issues in the industry. It also provides basic governance training through an AICD short course in not-for-profit governance.


Find out more here

GiA Video & Testimonials

Sheep Industry Leadership Program

The Sheep Industry Leadership Program develops greater understanding of industry leadership roles and responsibilities, the value of collaborations, advocacy and effective negotiation.

The Sheep Industry Leadership Program has been delivered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) in 2017 and 2018.



Find out more here

SILP Video & Testimonials

Sheep Industry Governance Scholarship

The Australian Institute of Company Directors corporate governance training increases the understanding of best practice governance and roles and responsibilities of board directors.

It identifies the board’s contribution toward organisation performance, risk management, strategy development and execution and helps to develop financial literacy skills to assess financial health and examines evaluation and performance.

Find out more here

AICD Video & Testimonials


This is your network and your community, so we would love to hear your ideas and create what you would like and value the most.

We are currently compiling the most interesting and useful topic requests to determine what to deliver next.

It might be…

  • a topic you’d like to learn about
  • an idea to improve the Leadersheep Network
  • a question about Sheep Producers Australia or Leadersheep Network
  • an opportunity you would like us to facilitate for industry

So please let us know what you’re interested in!




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