National Agriculture Leadership Program 2021
National ag leadership program

Peak industry bodies provide a unique perspective of Australian agriculture, so does participating in leadership programs that provide targeted activities and experiences in policy development. SPA was pleased to support David Swain (Vic) and Micaylla Seal (WA) to participate in the last NFF’s National Agriculture Leadership Program (NALP).  

 Agricultural Policy in PracticeDavid Swain

Sheep Producers Australia provided me with a scholarship to participate in the NFF’s National Agriculture Leadership Program (NALP) which began in May 2021 and concluded in December 2021. The NALP included participants from across Australia with representatives for various industry groups. The program began as a series of webinars to introduce the cohort to the NFF and understand the program ahead. The NALP can be summarised into 3 main elements; guest speakers on key topics, policy project and the Summit to conclude the program. The guest speakers included NFF representatives and provided fundamental skills and knowledge on the process of policy including how it is made and elements to consider when making policy. This provided the foundation for the policy project where I was grouped with two other participants to research and develop a Policy Brief on topic 2.5 of the NFF 2030 Roadmap with regard to reducing on farm food waste. The project allowed the group to work together and develop a document that required us to engage with technical experts that have worked with the NFF as well as engage with Key Stakeholders including a small business establishing themselves in this space.

The program concluded in Canberra with the NALP summit held on 29 November to 1 December 2021 which was were program participants met face to face for the first time. Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, not everyone in the NALP was able to attend noting the event had already been postponed due to border restrictions. The summit was attended by 7 representatives from NSW and Victoria; although a smaller group than planned, this did allow for the 3 day summit to be much more interactive and engaging with the key speakers. The three day seminar was outstanding with truly varied presentations from a wide range of speakers including politicians, department leaders and public servants. Understanding the roles that the different departments play and learning how numerous members of parliament got to their positions was fascinating. I’m extremely grateful for SPA to support this opportunity with the NFF and would highly recommend the program to future participants. I am excited to finish my NALP experience with the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program where I hope to develop further industry connections and explore new opportunities using the skills developed from the NALP.

Since the program, the Food Waste Policy Project has been presented to the NFF Sustainable Development and Climate Change Committee in March with a summary of current industry practice and proposed future industry needs, the proposal will also be presented to next NFF Horticulture Council.

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