Sheep Producers Australia welcomes Senate Inquiry report and recommendations into meat definitions and other animal products
25 February 2022

Sheep Producers Australia welcomes the report by the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport legislation Committee Inquiry into meat definitions and other animal products tabled in parliament yesterday.

“Sheep Producers Australia would like to congratulate and commend the Committee, Committee Chair Senator Susan McDonald and Deputy Chair Senator Glenn Sterle for their comprehensive work on this important issue.” Bonnie Skinner acting CEO Sheep Producers Australia.

The nine recommendations handed down in yesterday’s report support that minimum regulated standards are required to prohibit plant protein product manufacturers from referencing “lamb” and using livestock images on plant protein packaging or marketing materials.

“These recommendations will help to restore truth in labelling for Australian consumers. Australian lamb is a trusted, natural protein that has underpinned the prosperity of the country and employed generations of Australians. With this history and background, any use of the sheep meat terminology in the marketing of so called ‘alternative’ products, is appropriating the brand and reputation of the sheep meat industry and attempts to show that the products are like-for-like replacements.” Ms Skinner.

The independent committee reviewed all the available evidence and agreed that the current regulatory framework for the labelling of plant-based protein products is inadequate and decisive action is needed to protect consumers, as well as the brand and reputation of traditional animal proteins like lamb.

“We are pleased the Committee shares our concerns about the unverified nutritional claims being made by the plant-based sector, as well as the misinformation they spread about the environmental and animal welfare credentials of traditional animal proteins.” Ms Skinner.

“We support the broader red meat industry in calling on relevant governments and agencies to implement the recommendations outlined in the report as quickly as possible.” Ms Skinner.

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