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Global Sheep Forum – Next Generation is the place to be to interact and exchange ideas with other farmers and industry leaders. We have brought together some of the best speakers from across the globe to develop this vibrant and interactive program. Prepare to learn more about the sheep industry, network, laugh, be challenged and see how your future leadership journey may unfold. Take your leadership to the next level as we hone the most important skills for agriculture.

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The Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Online is an Online Video Learning Portal that aims to educate and empower people working in the sheep industry.

Our vision is to provide you with quality videos, trainings and courses to improve not just your industry knowledge but also your leadership skills.

Leadersheep Online is free and open to all. It’s your opportunity to develop, connect and contribute.

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The Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Network connects sheep producers and people working in the industry who share the goal of driving industry growth and success.

It’s a national network open to everyone in the sheep industry. It’s your opportunity to develop, connect and contribute.

The Leadersheep Network provides opportunities to exchange ideas, share knowledge and contribute to the development of industry initiatives.


The purpose of the Leadersheep Network is to accelerate the development of current and future leaders to ensure strong leadership for the long-term success of the Australian sheep industry.

Sheep Producers Australia is proud to coordinate the Leadersheep Network. The organisation recognises the importance of confident and competent people in driving our industry forward and values the investment in BUILDING FUTURE LEADERS and POSITIONING THE INDUSTRY FOR A STRONG FUTURE.


The Leadersheep Network will:

  • Ensure strong leadership for the long-term success of the Australian sheep industry by accelerating the development of current and future leaders.
  • Develop a cohort of forward-thinking strategic leaders who can contribute to the industry and sheep production into the future.
  • Ensure effective succession planning and strategic contributions on boards and committees in the sheep industry and communities as a whole.



Whether you are an up-and-coming leader or already an experienced industry influencer, the Leadersheep Network offers support to help you grow in personal and professional lives.

  • Developing leadership skills and experience
  • Making connections with other industry leaders
  • Providing opportunities for you to contribute and be involved



The Leadersheep Network is a national network open to everyone in the sheep industry – every age, every stage.

  • Anyone keen to learn more about the sheep industry
  • Anyone interested in being involved in industry leadership
  • Alumni of SPA leadership programs
  • People who would like to take part in future programs or continue their life-long learning journey


One of Sheep Producers Australia’s six priority areas is building industry capability.

SPA is partnering with Meat & Livestock Australia to deliver LEADERSHIP and CAPACITY BUILDING projects in the SHEEP INDUSTRY.

The funding from MLA supports the continuing professional development of current and emerging industry leaders. This will further enhance industry capacity in strategy and policy development, advocacy and leadership.

With the support of MLA, SPA was also successful in its bid to the Australian Government’s Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund to help build the Leadersheep Network.


From quick tips and tools to year-long programs, get ready to uncover the resources best suited to take your leadership to the next level.

Training and professional development through SPA’s Leadership Programs enables participants to understand pathways into leadership roles within SPA and the wider industry.


SPA wants to champion leaders in the industry and upskill them to take on greater roles in the future.
The key areas of focus for SPA’s face-to-face leadership programs are:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Policy development
  • Advocating for industry
  • Good governance

SPA is currently reviewing the content of its programs based on feedback from course alumni and tailoring to the needs of industry. Below are some of the programs on offer again this year.

SPA partners with MLA and other organisation to deliver many of these leadership development programs.

GiA Video & Testimonials

Governance in Action training

The Governance in Action workshop increases understanding of national industry advocacy, engaging with government, political representation and leadership.

The two-day workshop provides an introduction into the operations of SPA and the broader issues in the industry. It also provides basic governance training through an AICD short course in not-for-profit governance.



SILP Video & Testimonials

Sheep Industry Leadership Program

The Sheep Industry Leadership Program develops greater understanding of industry leadership roles and responsibilities, the value of collaborations, advocacy and effective negotiation.

The Sheep Industry Leadership Program has been delivered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) in 2017 and 2018.




AICD Video & Testimonials

Sheep Industry Governance Scholarship

The Australian Institute of Company Directors corporate governance training increases the understanding of best practice governance and roles and responsibilities of board directors.

It identifies the board’s contribution toward organisation performance, risk management, strategy development and execution and helps to develop financial literacy skills to assess financial health and examines evaluation and performance.





Sheep Producers Australia is proud to support a number of individuals to further their learning and development through a variety of scholarships and awards.

Sheep Industry Ambassador Award

The Sheep Industry Ambassador Award acknowledges the contributions of outstanding young sheep producers and their potential as future industry leaders. The award includes all expenses paid domestic and international travel opportunities as well as a comprehensive professional development program and exposure to leading industry influencers.

Meet the current Ambassadors. 

Find out more here


Intercollegiate Meat Judging

The ICMJ scholarship is for students passionate about a career in the sheepmeat industry.
SPA offers scholarships covering travel, accommodation, meals and registration for:

  • SPA Leadersheep Network Forum, Perth WA, 5 August, and;
  • LambEx 2018 – the sheep industry’s premier event, Perth WA, 5-7 August

The ICMJ scholarship is your chance to meet industry leaders while learning from and networking with the best in the sheepmeat industry.

Meet our current ICMJ Scholars.

Find out more here


Are you looking for great people in the industry?

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to partner with SPA to tailor training, a scholarship, award or opportunity to meet your objectives.






By joining the Leadersheep Network, you can build your skills from wherever you are*.

There are a range of online short courses to ensure those in the network can continue to learn and develop their skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Governance and more!

Some courses will be specifically made or recorded for the sheep or agricultural industry, others will be links to generic programs with value and relevance to the industry.

As the program expands, you will be able to evaluate your skills, identify areas for growth and discover new ways to develop your interests further.

*SPA understands the challenges of internet connection in parts of Australia and will endeavor to make information available for download and access offline.





To move the sheep industry forward, we will achieve more if we work together on a united front. To really succeed, it’s about both what we know and also who we know.

One of the aims of the Leadersheep Network is to connect peers, mentors and leaders across the country. Not only is it good business, it’s great fun to network with other progressive people.

Where will we see you on the road…?



 SPA recognises that a well-run mentoring program can strengthen the industry by better preparing a new generation of leaders.

The SPA Mentoring Program supports existing and emerging leaders to transition into their next leadership position in SPA or other industry roles. Support from experienced mentors will foster opportunities which provide insight and understanding of leadership in practice.

We look forward to welcoming up-and-coming leaders to the program as well as experienced industry mentors into the first round of the SPA Mentoring Program which will commence in late 2018.

Make sure you sign up to the Leadersheep Network to find when the program opens.



The Leadersheep Network provides opportunities to exchange ideas, share knowledge and contribute to the development of industry initiatives.

SPA’s core business is representing sheep producers and their interests at a national level. We are here to serve our members, so we seek and encourage your involvement.

Participating in the Leadersheep Network is another way to have input on these issues to guide the industry’s future.



Leadersheep Network members can contribute to identifying the next great opportunities and solving our industry challenges.


There are about 150 key roles for producers in the Australian Sheep Industry.

Currently those roles are filled by only 50-60 people, who often take on more than one position.

The Leadersheep Network is your signpost to calls for leadership positions across the sheep industry, such as:

  • Sheep Producers Australia, Board and Policy Committee (opens in September)
  • Southern Australia Meat Research Council (SAMRC), Regional Committee Members (CLOSED July)
    • Regions: Northern NSW; Southern NSW; Central and Western NSW & Southern QLD; Central VIC; Western VIC; East VIC/TAS; and, South Australia.


 SPA will be leading the following collaborative projects where there will be a call for input from Leadersheep Network members. Contributing to these may enable you to interact with the SPA Board and Committee:

  • Development of the Sheep Industry Sustainability Framework (SISF), planned for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 financial years. This framework will result in the definition of a sustainable sheep industry and the identification of long term indicators and priorities and is the key platform for the plans that cascade from it.
  • Development of a new Sheep Industry Strategic Plan (SISP) will commence towards the end of the 2018 calendar year. The SISP will set out industry needs for research, marketing, policy and people, to ensure long term industry prosperity.

Learn more about the current SISP, 2015-2020.

Make sure you sign up for the Leadersheep Network to find out about opportunities as they arise.


This is your network and your community, so we would love to hear your ideas and create what you would like and value the most.

We are currently compiling the most interesting and useful topic requests to determine what to deliver next.

So please let us know what you’re interested in!



The Leadersheep Network is proudly supported by Sheep Producers Australia, Meat and Livestock Australia and the Australian Government, Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.

The Leadersheep Network … it’s our industry, our voice, and our future.

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