Leadersheep Online Programs


By joining the Leadersheep Network, you can build your skills from wherever you are*.

There are a range of online short courses to ensure those in the network can continue to learn and develop their skills in:

  • Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Governance and more!

Some courses will be specifically made or recorded for the sheep or agricultural industry, others will be links to generic programs with value and relevance to the industry.

As the program expands, you will be able to evaluate your skills, identify areas for growth and discover new ways to develop your interests further.

*SPA understands the challenges of internet connection in parts of Australia and will endeavor to make information available for download and access offline.


Governance and Business Leadership series

The Governance and Business Leadership Video Series shares tips and insights from participants in the AICD Foundations of Directorship program. The overwhelming feedback from participants was how much they enjoyed sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. Being given the opportunity to come together and swap stories, gain insights and learn the skills together that it will take to build a stronger sector, was a very rich experience. Participants have shared that they now have increased confidence to step up into roles that can facilitate influential change in the industry.

The Change Challenge … How to create change in your environment

The Change Challenge was created for the Leadersheep Forum in Perth, WA, held in August 2018. It was delivered by Jason Clarke, a leading authority on creative leadership and innovation.

You can’t avoid change and you can’t manage it, especially when you consider that you are actually supposed to create it, which is much more fun!

Learn how to spot the waves of change and gain confidence in leading discussions on change in your family, workplace, community or organisation.


SPA is currently compiling the most interesting and useful topic requests to determine what to deliver next.

Please let SPA know what you are interested in!

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