Governance and Business Leadership Series

Governance and Business Leadership series


The Governance and Business Leadership Video Series shares tips and insights from participants in the AICD Foundations of Directorship program. The overwhelming feedback from participants was how much they enjoyed sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. Being given the opportunity to come together and swap stories, gain insights and learn the skills together that it will take to build a stronger sector, was a very rich experience. Participants have shared that they now have increased confidence to step up into roles that can facilitate influential change in the industry.

See our video series to learn some tips and insights:


Video 1 – Good Governance and Boards

Hear learnings from Sam Duncan, CEO of FarmL ab about why you need a board and the benefits of having a board. Not only does a board provide guidance, help with strategy and guide decision making in our own businesses, boards are important in the community too.

Airlie Landale Founder and Managing Director of Farm Table Australia gets clear on governance when setting up your own board or joining a board. If you are seeking board members, it’s essential to understand the types of information they will expect, in order to make an informed decision. Likewise before accepting a board position it’s essential to perform this due diligence.

Melissa Neal, Industry Leadership Manager at Sheep Producers Australia has developed a deeper understanding boards – what they are looking for, how she can make their decisions easier by following the defined strategy of the organisation, how to think differently and question more deeply – allowing the board to better support the people in the organisation.

Stephanie Wurst from Kukakunga Farming highlights the importance of diversity for a business and board to operate effectively. Differing points of view, opinions, age groups, genders, cultural and industry backgrounds lead to well-rounded decisions for the good of the business and the wider community.

Karina Dambergs, Co-Founder of Edward & Edward Tasmanian Distillers shares the phrase “noses in, fingers out” in relation to setting clear lines of roles and responsibilities when acting on a board. Karina also impresses how learning to read and understand financials can paint a clear picture of what is happening in a business and their strategy.

Jade Miles from Black Barn Farm talks about why it’s important to compile a board of diverse individuals who are willing to challenge you. Jade has also been inspired to learn more about financial ratios, stating that ratios can give her an immediate snapshot of the health of an organisation.

Video 2 – Better Business Strategy and Decisions

AICD connected passionate rural leaders including Leesa Chen from Bega Cheese Export Sales, who shares how valuable it was learning from other people’s experiences. She also mentions how important it is to read, understand and question financial statements.

Richard Kohne from Mareterran in WA is all about structure and strategy. Management set an agreed strategy with the board, which ensures that if matters drift, there is a defined plan to bring things back on track. With certainty about the direction of the business you can also reduce bias when making decisions.

Mitch Highett, Managing Director of Bulls Eye AG now better understands the cornerstones of good business practices. The course emphasised the importance of setting good foundations, developing a strategy not just running and working the business, to ensure he can have strategic control over the growth of his business.

Taking time away from the day to day operations of his business to attend the on the ADIC program was very impactful for CEO Shane Francis. There is true value in scheduling time to plan business strategy and come together with peers to discuss your big topics.

Guy Coleman is a Precision Weed Control Scientist from the University of Sydney who very clearly explains why you need to develop an objective, quantifiable business strategy. Not only does this set a strong vision for the business but it ensures you can track progress against defined goals, and have measures in place if you hit a red light.

Kari Moffat, Compliance and Animal Welfare Manager at Wellard Rural Exports shares her appreciation for the AICD Foundations of Directorship program, and the foundational knowledge it’s given her to set up her own healthy and successful business. Why have a board, how to use key financials, developing strategic business plans and the frameworks that are needed, have built her director mindset.

What is a PESTEL? Nicole McDonald, a Social Science Researcher looking at future workforce requirements in the cotton industry, explains the importance of undertaking an external scan to understand any influences that could impact the future of the business. With the aid of the PESTEL method, Nicole will consider political, economic, social, technology, environment and legal influences.

Video 3 – Leadership Lessons (other random quotes)


Nell Sullivan, Business Support Specialist at Suncorp Bank is now equipped with the tools to draw information out from others around her and tap into their skills and strengths. From a governance point of view, Nell can now design the framework for change and innovation.

After attending the AICD Foundations of Directorship program, Rachel Nicoll Managing Partner at A.D & R.L Nicoll is now prepared to challenge her assumptions about the effectiveness of an organisation. She highlights that diversity of people and reflecting on how she is inviting people to speak up, is important to ensuring a positive culture and job satisfaction.

Thanks to the AICD program, Will Taking, Director of Beanstalk AgTech now has the tools and framework to take charge and focus on growing his young business. Even simple processes like having the right minutes and a clear agenda for board meetings, will no longer be overlooked.

Grace Calder from Agriculture Victoria shares the importance of feeling empowered to ask difficult or what may seem silly questions. Sharing with the group at AICD has made it clear that more often than not, the question you ask someone else is thinking.

Chloe Kempe from Agrimix Pastures comments about the uniqueness of family business in agriculture and is passionate about starting conversations around work life balance, support and flexibility. Chloe will utilise the management and leadership skills learned to benefit and build the Agri sector.

Oliver Le Lievre, Business Development Manager from Aglive Pty Ltd speaks about the buddy system, an idea he learnt through peer sharing at AICD. The buddy system can make joining an established board a little less daunting, give you an experienced ear to ask questions, keep you constantly learning and maintains curiosity within yourself and the group.

Hayley Purbrick, Business Improvement, Digital and Environment Manager at Tahbilk Winery has gained the foundational knowledge to ensure her business and community groups can make better governance decisions.

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