Engaging in two-way conversation

Our ability to connect using shared values depends on us sharing our perspective as a person first and an expert second.

That is how a member of the public will relate to you.

When a person makes a critical statement about the industry, it is common to act defensively.

But if we can move past this feeling, we can use the scenario as an opportunity for engagement.

For example, if a person shares their concerns regarding animal cruelty within recently-released live export footage, you may acknowledge this concern by connecting using shared values – i.e. “It makes me sick too”.

By embracing the conversation, you then have an opportunity to give the person the information they are looking for – i.e. “I’ve worked with hundreds of farmers and this doesn’t reflect the commitment they have and I know they are as troubled by it as you are.”

In the next part of the series Charlie discusses the importance of being transparent in communication as well as the future of trust in agriculture.

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