Communicate What Matters

It is as important as ever to equip ourselves with the skills to approach conversations about food and agriculture in a whole new way. In this video series filmed at the SPA Leadersheep Forum held in Perth, US Center for Food Integrity CEO Charlie Arnot demonstrates how to earn trust using shared values as a foundation for connection. Click the links below to watch the sessions and learn more about communicating what matters or watch the Communicate What Matters playlist on YouTube.

Communicate What Matters series

Part 1: Recognising valuable assets and opportunities

What is the most important action the sheep industry can take in managing its relationship with the public? The answer is to build trust. But historically the agriculture sector has focused on defending our interests, which is very different from earning trust.

Part 2: What drives the creation of trust?

If trust is a key driver, then how can we build trust? Research in the United States has found three drivers of trust:

  • Influential others: including family and friends, and credentialed experts such as farmers.
  • Competency: our technical capacity, science and facts.
  • Confidence: The perception of shared values

Part 3: Engaging in two-way conversation

Our ability to connect using shared values depends on us sharing our perspective as a person first and an expert second. That is how a member of the public will relate to you. When a person makes a critical statement about the industry, it is common to act defensively. But if we can move past this feeling, we can use the scenario as an opportunity for engagement.

Part 4: Looking to the future

Charlie Arnot answers questions from the audience about the future of building trust in agriculture. The level of trust in agriculture in future years is dependent on how we act now.

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