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Bonnie Skinner

Chief Executive Officer

Bonnie joined SPA as Product Integrity Policy Manager in July 2018.

She previously worked as Manager of Biosecurity & Extension for the Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN) in NSW, encouraging red meat producers and supply chain participants to understand their role in disease surveillance and management of endemic diseases and promoting on-farm practices that support food safety and traceability.

Prior to joining LBN, Bonnie worked at Animal Health Australia coordinating delivery of several national livestock surveillance programs and projects such as the National Animal Health Information System and the National Arbovirus Monitoring Program. Her background also includes time working as a Territory Manager for Jurox, as a large animal Research Assistant, and Office Manager of a thoroughbred breeding property.

Bonnie holds a Bachelor of Equine Science, Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons 1) and a Graduate Certificate in Agriculture majoring in agricultural consulting.

Bonnie was appointed as CEO in March 2022.

Contact Bonnie via email [email protected]

Alister Oulton

General Manager Strategy and Risk

Alister joined SPA as Sheep Health and Welfare Policy Manager in September 2020.

Originally a lawyer from the Gympie region, he has worked in agricultural policy for five years, the last three advising Australian Pork Limited on a suite of policy issues including biosecurity and traceability, stock feed safety and availability, competition law and animal welfare. He also managed the research program for PorkScan Pty Ltd, a research company established to advance lean meat yield analysis technology.

Prior to joining Australian Pork, Alister advised the Federal Department of Agriculture on the governance and legislative components of the Regional Investment Corporation. He has recently completed a Master of Agricultural Economics, with a research focus on maintaining a viable livestock sector in the face of constrained inputs.

Alister is excited to be joining the team at SPA and looks forward to meeting members and supporting a sustainable and profitable sheep industry.

Contact Alister via email [email protected]

Melissa Neal

Industry Leadership Manager

Melissa coordinates leadership training and development for the sheep industry through her role as Industry Leadership Manager at SPA.

She has launched the SPA Leadersheep Network to accelerate the development of current and future leaders to ensure strong leadership for the long-term success of the Australian sheep industry. Melissa also works closely with SPA staff, board and policy committees to provide opportunities to enhance the leadership capability of the organisation.

Melissa is an experienced agribusiness and community development professional, having delivered training and events for over 15 years. Before joining SPA in April 2018, her main projects were in leadership, community development and engagement, as well as ag-finance and agricultural research, development and adoption.

She began her career as a Red Meat Industry Development Officer at the Department of Primary Industries in Bendigo, Victoria, delivering educational activities to producers and supply chains in the southern beef and sheep industries. She also led state and national development projects to improve productivity, profitability and quality for the red meat industry and consumers.

Melissa is inspired to influence and empower rural and regional leaders through challenging people to grow and develop themselves, their community and their business.

Contact Melissa via email [email protected]

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