Our Staff

John McGoverne

Policy Director

John joined SPA as Policy Director in June 2016. He was previously policy analyst with Australian Pork Limited, where he coordinated the development of the Australian Pork Industry Business Export Plan and represented pork industry policy interests in trade, competition policy, biosecurity, workforce productivity and natural resource management.

Prior to this, he spent six years with the Department of Agriculture in Canberra, working in sustainable agriculture and drought and exceptional circumstances, ensuring effective delivery of drought assistance measures. John’s qualifications include a Masters of Environmental Management from Charles Sturt University and an Associate Diploma of Farm Management from the former Orange Agricultural College.

John has extensive practical experience in the livestock industry, managing multiple grazing properties over 15 years. This involved increasing the productive capacity of the business through integrating purchased properties into the business and redeveloping rundown properties to be profitable contributors. He was also station hand and stockman in north Queensland.

For SCA, John has principle policy responsibility for product integrity, including biosecurity and traceability.

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Stephen Crisp

Sheep Health and Welfare Policy Manager

Stephen joined SPA in July 2017 after previously working as Agribusiness Manager at the Australian Food and Grocery Council where he managed policy issues that affected the agribusiness sector. These mainly centred on free trade agreements and major infrastructure policy.

Prior to this, he spent three years with the Australian Agricultural Company (AACO), where he set up the logistics operations for the new abattoir at Darwin, while also managing the Wagyu and grain fed shipments (air and sea freight) across the globe. The majority of Stephen’s working life has involved working for abattoirs or shipping lines, managing export supply chains for agriculture-based production.

Stephen’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (Hons) from the University of New England, as well as holding a licence as a Non-Packer Exporter. He also has a background in the livestock industry, having recently returned to the family sheep and cattle enterprise near Yass in New South Wales. This mixed enterprise is based mostly around the production of fine wool, prime lamb and beef cattle.

For SPA, Stephen has principle policy responsibility for health, animal welfare and biosecurity.

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